About me

MaryJ-About-profileHi and thanks for visiting my happy blog! My real name is Nicolette, Mary J. is named after my daughter. I live and work in Utrecht, a lovely vibrant city in the Netherlands. I’m living a happy (and slightly chaotic) familylife with three young kids. I like blogging. My first blog in the nineties was about dreadlocks. Back in the days… : ) After that I started a foodblog and a blog about lifestyle, kids and interior. I love to share things I like and newly found places to be. Besides the dreadlock part, it all comes together at MaryJ.nl, in categories Explore, The little Ones, In the Kitchen and Home sweet Home.

Most of this website is in Dutch, but I try to translate as much as possible. I hope my blog will be inspiring and make you feel happy : )

I love to stay in touch. Feel free to post a comment or send me a message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

~ Nicolette ~